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There are 3 ways that brides may register for Door Prizes:

  1. Brides may go by Francia’s Formal Affair, located in Mobile, Alabama, to register for the drawing and receive a FREE ADMISSIONS ticket. Registration forms filled out at Francia’s must be received by the Friday prior to the show, prior to store closing. Otherwise, brides may register on-line or the day of the show.
  2. Brides may Pre-Register on-line and print a $2 off admissions coupon, before the Friday prior to the show, by midnight. Otherwise, brides may register the day of the show.
  3. Brides may register the day of the show.  Admission is $12 the day of the show for all brides & guests.

    Free Admission tickets and discount coupons are only available to the registering bride.

Steps To Pre Registration:

  1. Fill in all blanks

    In order to be eligible for prizes, all blanks must be filled in.

    Duplicate Registration Forms will be deleted. There is no need to register twice!

  2. Click “Submit Registration”

  3. Print Discount Coupon

  4. Present $2 Off Admission coupon at the “Pre Registered Brides” desk, the day of the show. You will then be given your registration form to sign and drop in the barrel.

  5. Remember, you must be present to claim any prize. 

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Pre Registration

Bride Information   Groom Information  

Bride’s Name

Groom’s Name

Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Home Phone
Home Phone
Wedding Information:      
Wedding Date
Wedding Location
Reception Location
Please Indicate the items you have alredy selected for your wedding:
Bakery Bridesmaid Dresses Caterer Engagement Ring
Florist Gifts for Wedding Party Hair Stylist Honeymoon

Lodging for Out of Town Guests

Make Up Music Photographer
Reception Location Rehersal Dinner Location Rentals Skin Care
Tuxedos Videographer Web Design Wedding Gown
Wedding Planner Wedding Registry Wedding Rings Invitations






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